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Trio Infernale: Beat Hirt, Martina Egi, Ernst Aebi
Beat Hirt, Martina Egi and Ernst Aebi at the film premiere in Zurich.

Guest at the film opening
Presumably the youngest premiere guest :-)

Barefoot to Timbuktu

The film crew: (v.l.n.r.)
Florian Flossmann (sound)
Frank Messmer (camera)
Ernst Aebi
Martina Egi (director)


Barefoot to Timbuktu

On the way to Araouane: A warming fire after a chilling night.


Barefoot to Timbuktu

A recently erected well in Araouane.


Barefoot to Timbuktu

On the way to Araouane: Aebi speaks with Tuareg guide Ali.


Barefoot to Timbuktu

On the way to Araouane: A prayer break somewhere in the desert.


Barefoot to Timbuktu

Ernst Aebi & Boujma stroll through Timbuktu.


Barefoot to Timbuktu

In Timbuktu: First meeting with friends after 20 years.


Nachtessen auf dem Weg nach Araouane.

Dinner on the way to Araouane.


Aebi bei seiner Ankunft in Araouane.

Aebi arriving in Araouane.


Aebi auf dem Segelschiff seiner Tochter Tanja in Curaçao.

Aebi in Curaçao, on the sailing boat belonging to his daughter Tanja.


Ernst Aebi mit seinen Brüdern Kurt und Peter.

Ernst Aebi with his brothers Kurt and Peter.


Aebi mit einem Künstlerkollegen vor seinem Haus am West Broadway, SoHo, New York.

Aebi with artist friends in front of his house on West Broadway, SoHo, New York.


Ernst Aebi mit seinem Besten Freund Fritz in New York.

Ernst Aebi with his best friend Fritz in New York.


Barefoot To Timbuktu


A film by Martina Egi

Another awesome Mesch & Ugge production.

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